Welcome to Umphafa Berg Tours. The name Umphafa is the Zulu name for buffalo thorn tree, king Shaka told his warriors they should never give up. The one thorn symbolizes this advice and the other hocked backwards, symbolizing the memory of one’s origins. Briefly don’t give up Drakensberg Tours.With 17 Years experience Umphafa Berg Tours has in tour guiding service industry. Umphafa Drakensberg Tours it’s been an evolving business, offering a comprehensive range of guiding services clients throughout South Africa. Founded in March 2000, the business is based in KwaZulu Natal Champagne Valley and provided a comprehensive range of tour guiding services to include:-

  • Overnight hikes
  • Camping
  • Hikes to the Summits
  • Long day walks
  • Medium day walks
  • Village tours
  • Heritage walks
  • School Tours (educational)
  • Shuttle service
  • Battle fields tours
  • Team building
  • Accommodation
  • Hikers Information

The project Umphafa Berg Tours service is recognized mostly Kwazulu-Natal Champagne Valley and surroundings. Our talented array of skilled tourist guides personnel and devoted project manager work closely with mountain club, tour operators, owners of hotels and resorts to ensure only the finest in theme tour guiding is delivered on such and every tourist company. Your project is always our most important project. At Umphafa Drakensberg Tours we excel at providing the perfect environment venture for success.

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